Over the course of the last one hundred years Geary Community Hospital has touched nearly every family in our community in some way, through surgeries, outpatient services, maternity care, inpatient hospitalization, education classes and screenings, emergency department visits, home health care and much more. We developed from the idea of giving the best care to our friends, family, and neighbors in Geary County, Kansas and the surrounding communities and continue that mission to this day.


September 9, 2014: 2014 Geary County Health & Wellness Fair, Junction City Municipal Building
September 9, 2014: Battle ON! 10-Week Weight Loss Challenge Begins. Initial Weigh-In @ Geary County Health & Wellness Fair
September 12, 2014: Fall Classic Golf Tournament, Geary Community Healthcare Foundation Event
October 3, 2014: Walk-a-Mile Day, Geary Community Healthcare Foundation Event
October 4, 2014: Hospice Memory Walk, Heritage Park