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Student Expectations

Student Orientation Instructions
Student Expectations
GCH Student Safety Orientation ppt
GCH Student Safety Quiz
GCH Student HIPAA Training ppt
GCH Student HIPAA Quiz
HIPAA/Confidentiality Agreement

GCH Student Expectations:

  • Completes all orientation requirements.
  • Assumes responsibility of own actions.
  • Performs clinical assignments within limitations of specific objections.
  • Follows departmental policies & procedures.
  • Reports any unusual occurrences to facility and manager in charge in compliance with the Risk Management Plan.
  • Reports any changes in personal health status to faculty and notifies patient care unit of absence.
  • Maintains confidentiality of all patient care/hospital information.
  • Participates in routine activities (within limits of program objectives).
  • Wears designated school uniform/dress code, including ID badge.