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Lab - Medical Technologist

Medical Technologist - Lab

Multiple positions, varied shifts



POSITION SUMMARY: A technologist performs laboratory procedures using established and approved protocols that require the exercise of independent judgment and responsibility.  Maintains equipment and records and performs quality assurance activities related to test performance.  Performs highly and moderately complex tests, analyzes quality control data, answers inquires regarding test results, and evaluates new techniques. Assist the Laboratory Manager in the coordination of laboratory activities. Provide accurate, timely and cost effective testing of patient samples to aid in the diagnosis and treatment of disease in compliance and harmony with the quality management system.



  • Refer to Federal Register/VOL, No 139, July 22, 1993, Rules and Regulations ‑ paragraph 493.1491 


Minimum Education:

  • Bachelor's degree or equivalent.  


Minimum Experience:

  • 12 months internship in an approved program 


Minimum Field of Expertise:

  • Generalist 


Required courses/training:

  • Registry qualified 



  • MT (ASCP) or equivalent preferred


Physical Demands: 

  • Light physical efforts (lift /carry up to 20 lbs.) 
  • Frequent prolonged standing/walking/sitting 
  • Occasionally lifts supplies/equipment 
  • Manual dexterity and mobility 
  • Occasional reaching/stooping/bending 


Required protective equipment: 

  • Safety eyeglasses 
  • Face protection 
  • Lab coat 
  • Non‑sterile gloves


Vision requirements: 

  • Ability to see clearly at 20 feet or more 
  • Ability to see clearly at 20 inches or less 
  • Ability to judge distance and space relationships 
  • Ability to see peripherally 
  • Ability to adjust vision to bring objects into focus 


Working conditions:  

  • Regularly exposed to the risk of bloodborne diseases 
  • Exposed to hazards from electrical/mechanical/poser equipment 
  • Exposed to odorous chemicals & specimens 
  • Exposed to unpleasant elements (accidents, injury, etc) 
  • Handles emergency or crisis situations 
  • Subject to interruptions 
  • Occasional stress due to multiple calls in inquires 


Essential Duties:

LAB PROCEDURES: Performs a variety of technical laboratory procedures according to Medical Center, laboratory and national standards to obtain patient specimens using to ensure specimen quality used to aid in the diagnosis and treatment of disease.


DOCUMENTATION: Responsible for accurately completing records and reports and other statistical information for master files or databases. Follows laboratory policy for data retrieval, record keeping, specimen, and identification, requisition, reporting, charting, and billing procedures.


COMMUNICATION/TEAMWORK: Maintains positive working relationship with the medical staff and hospital personnel. Uses positive interpersonal skills to educate/support lab customers and promote success of team members. Uses clear and concise verbal and written communication with staff and the public. Acts independently on supervisorís direction and accepts responsibility of the adopted policy and procedures of the hospital and the laboratory. Shares call duty and works different shifts as required.


QUALITY CONTROL/QUALITY IMPROVEMENT: Participates in QC/QI for area of specialty and Lab indicators. Does not report patient results unless quality control data are within accepted parameters. Recognizes out of control values, takes corrective action, and notifies others of changes.


SAFETY AND EDUCATION: Complies with laboratory safety procedures. Possesses adequate knowledge of instrumentation, theory, and application of new and existing tests. Completes education necessary to maintain licensure or certification for the job.


PROBLEM SOLVING/CRITICAL THINKING: Assumes responsibility to resolve problems. Performs required preventative maintenance procedures in laboratory instrumentation. Investigates and resolves technical problems, consults supervisor if resolution involves policy or procedure modification. Identifies real or potential situations or equipment failure, attempts to resolve within area of specialty or knowledge and refers complex issues to appropriate source. May be a key analyzer operator with proper training and documentation of skills. Follows the laboratory safety policies and participates in safety education programs.


General Duties:

  • Tests are performed according to laboratory procedure and guidelines and test results are correctly and legibly entered on the patient report forms and laboratory records.
  • Specimens are checked as to their condition, acceptability and appropriateness to the test and exceptions are noted.
  • Special assigned work or projects are completed as instructed.
  • Maintains a neat, sanitary, organized work area.
  • Keeps an adequate supply of working materials on hand.
  • Work pending is organized and appropriately left for follow up.
  • All critical values are reported promptly to the physician and charge nurse.
  • Morning tests results are completed and delivered to the floor by 11.00hrs.
  • Charge slips are accurate, complete, and legible.
  • Must be able to read, write and speak English.
  • Regular attendance is a requirement of this job.


The above is not intended to be an all-inclusive list of essential functions for the job described, but rather a general description of some of the responsibilities necessary to carry out the duties of this position.