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Senior Health Center

Senior Health Center

Medical Director: Kofi Ababio, M.D.

Program Director: Melanie Griffin, RN

Unit Manager: Melanie Griffin, RN

Local: 785-238-3480 or 888-550-3414

The Senior Health Center is a 9-bed mental health unit located on the second floor of Geary Community Hospital. The unit is an aid to adults ages 55 and older, who are experiencing psychological difficulties.

While staying at the Senior Health Center, patients receive complete medical and psychiatric evaluations as well as a complete assessment to determine the nature and severity of present problems. Following evaluation, recommendations for the best course of treatment are provided.

Despite many popular theories, problems such as memory loss, depression, and confusion are not normal features of aging. Many older adults deal with trying to cope with problems that they did not experience in previous years, and younger adults are not able to understand. The loss of friends and family, increased limitations on their lives, and diminishing financial resources adds strain to everyday activities. That is why the Senior Health Center at Geary Community Hospital is here to help.

In addition to the skilled nursing staff, each patient meets with the staff psychiatrist to address current issues and discuss diagnoses. Patients also continue to see their current primary care physician who addresses their medical concerns and maintains their care.

The Senior Health Center strives to meet the needs of individuals struggling in different areas of their lives. Below are a few of those hurdles

  • Debilitating Depression
  • Changes in Cognitive Functioning
  • Severe Grief and Loss
  • Thoughts of Harming Oneself
  • Unsafe Behavior that May Put You or Others at Risk
  • Signs of Psychosis (such as hallucinations)
  • Facing Emotional Distress due to Life Threatening Medical Illness

If your or someone you know is experiencing one or more of these symptoms, please contact the Senior Health Center for a free assessment.