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CNA - Med/Surg Unit

CNA - Med/Surg Unit

FT-7 AM 7 PM


POSITION SUMMARY: The nurse aide performs direct and indirect routine patient care under the general supervision of an LPN or RN. Responsible for individual schedule changes. Knowledge of computer documentation. Maintains patient/staff confidentiality. Expected to work a minimum of one year on Med/Surg.





Minimum Education:      

  • Graduate of an accredited high school or equivalency
  • Completed certified nurse aide course


Minimum Experience:                            

  • Experience preferred but not required
  • If no previous experience, must possess ability and desire to learn


Minimum Field of Expertise:   

  • Ability to prioritize patient care
  • Knowledge of new trends and techniques
  • Demonstrates annual competency of selected clinical skills


Required certification:    

  • BLS affirmation
  • Current Kansas Certified Nurse Aide license


Physical Demands:

  • Moderate to heavy physical efforts 
  • Frequent standing/walking/sitting/stooping/bending/reaching 
  • Frequent lifting patient, supplies, equipment 
  • Manual dexterity and mobility 
  • Must be able to lift arms above head
  • Rapid and efficient response to emergencies


Required protective equipment:                                                                

  • Precautions/Isolation according to policies/procedures for:  a. exposure to blood, body fluids, infectious materials; b. exposure to chemical hazards, slippery surfaces; c. exposure to noise and noxious odors; d. electrical equipment.


Vision requirements:

  • Ability to see clearly at 20 feet or more
  • Ability to see clearly at 20 inches or less
  • Ability to see peripherally


Hearing requirements:

  • Must be able to hear when spoken to in a soft/low tone.


Working conditions:

  • Subject to stressful conditions
  • Assigned to a home unit and shift or shifts. 
  • Can expect to be reassigned to another area or shift as necessary for staffing. 
  • Requires weekend and holiday work. 
  • Subject to overtime and low census days due to fluctuation in workload.
  • Subject to call back for mass casualty situations
  • Knowledgeable of responsibilities during emergency/disaster and of incident command



  • Works positively with others, possessing tact, discretion and diplomacy
  • Possesses the ability to work under pressure
  • Maintains good physical and emotional well being
  • Positive communication skills
  • Works quietly and as a part of the team
  • Attends staff meetings/in-services/competencies
  • Completes assigned tasks by deadline
  • Wears appropriate, clean attire according to department of nursing dress code, wears name tag and identifies self to patient.
  • Reliable
  • Possesses integrity
  • Possesses initiative
  • Role model
  • Maintains a positive attitude


Degree of Supervision:

  • Must be able to work under direct supervision of an RN, LPN




  • Implements physical care to all age groups within the established policies and procedures of the unit and under the direction of an LPN or RN.
  • Ensures proper documentation of all care provided.
  • Positively assists with the physical comfort needs of the patients.
  • Positively assists in the admission, transfer, and discharge of the patients.
  • Monitors vital signs, accuchecks, weights and reports findings to patient care nurse.
  • Positively assists in the orientation of patient/significant other to surroundings.
  • Assists with patient elimination procedures such as intake and output, catheter care, catheter insertion, enemas, collection of urine and stool specimens.
  • Assists with ambulation and movement.
  • Offers assistance to other staff members.
  • Communicates positively in a timely and accurate manner with nursing staff, patients/significant others, physicians, and other ancillary personnel.
  • Assists in orientation of other personnel.
  • Gives accurate instructions and explanations to patients/significant others.
  • Identifies self to patient (verbally and written).
  • Promptly answers call lights and responds appropriately to patient requests.
  • Assists in maintenance of a safe environment by reporting and correcting any unsafe conditions, or equipment.
  • Uses good body mechanics and safety devices such as lifts, side rails, restraints, transfer belts, etc.
  • Follows procedure and safety precautions when using equipment and supplies.
  • Assists in the maintenance of a comfortable and positive environment.
  • Follows basic infection control and isolation procedures.
  • Participates in inservices to learn new skills and techniques.
  • Attends 100% of all staff meetings/mandatory classes unless excused by the Unit Manager.