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Phlebotomist - Certified Preferred - Rotating Hours

Phlebotomist - Certified Preferred - Rotating Hours

FT-Rotating Hours between 5 am and 11 pm



POSITION SUMMARY: A phlebotomist does venipuncture, following laboratory protocol, for the purpose of collecting blood per request of the physician. The phlebotomist reports to the technologist, supervisor and laboratory director. 



Minimum Education:

  • High school diploma  


Minimum Experience:

  • Performed 100 venipuncture (preferred)


Preferred certification:

  • Registry of American Technologist Phlebotomy Technician  (preferred)


Physical Demands: 

  • Light physical efforts (lift/carry up to 20 lbs) 
  • Frequent prolonged standing/walking/sitting 
  • Occasionally lifts supplies/equipment 
  • Manual dexterity and mobility 
  • Occasional reaching/stooping/bending 


Required protective equipment: 

  • Safety eyeglasses 
  • Face protection 
  • Lab coat 
  • Non‑sterile latex gloves 


Vision requirements: 

  • Ability to see clearly to 20 feet or more 
  • Ability to see clearly at 20 inches or less 
  • Ability to judge distance and space relationships 
  • Ability to see peripherally 
  • Ability to adjust vision to bring objects into focus


Working conditions:  

  • Regularly exposed to the risk of bloodborne diseases 
  • Exposed to hazards from electrical/mechanical/poser equipment 
  • Exposed to odorous chemical and specimens 
  • Exposed to unpleasant elements (accidents, injury, etc) 
  • Handles emergency or crisis situations 
  • Subject to interruptions 
  • Occasional stress due to multiple calls in inquires 


DUTIES OF LABORATORY PHLEBOTOMIST (to include collecting and handling specimens) 

  • Performs venipuncture following laboratory protocol. 
  • Performs finger and heel sticks following hospital protocol. 
  • Collects specimens according to specimen requirements. 
  • Inverts specimen for mixing if needed. 
  • Labels tubes and specimens according to laboratory protocol. 
  • Document information on the requisition. 
  • Clock in lab requests. 
  • Distributes specimens and lab slips to proper area. 
  • Notifies technologist in that area if request is "STAT", "ASAP", or "ER". 
  • Properly identifies patient's according to lab protocol. 
  • Washes hands; dispose of materials in accordance with policy. 
  • Collects UDS according to protocol. 
  • Has doctor's request prior to collecting specimens.