Eileen Small is April Employee of the Month

Eileen Small

Eileen Small

March 26, 2014


Eileen Small, of Junction City, is the April Employee of the Month at Geary Community Hospital. Small is a licensed practice nurse in the Flint Hills Surgical Clinic at Geary Community Hospital.


Small was selected because of how she immediately forms relationships with her patients. Even before Dr. Charles Bollman, general surgeon, sees the patient, Small compiles the medical history of the patient. If there are inconsistencies in her findings, she will take the steps to put all the pieces together so that Dr. Bollman has a clear picture of the patient’s medical facts.


She is able to have the hard and honest conversations with patients and is also very honest with co-workers and providers in all aspects of her job. Small is a true patient advocate. Along with honesty comes loyalty. She never leaves patients or co-workers hanging in the wind. She does an extremely close follow-up on all her patients, including calling patients on her day off or on the weekend to remind them not to forget an appointment or to take their medicine.


She has an exceptional ability to comfort patients that are really struggling with their diagnosis, whether it is cancer or gallstones. She advocates patient education and support groups. She also has a great sense of humor and uses it when appropriate.


Her efficiency is extraordinary. She gets an incredible amount of work done, even pondering issues and challenges while at home and then coming in the next day with a solution.


Small received a day off with pay, a reserved parking place for one month and an employee of the month pin.