Jody Hittle passed certification for operating room nurseJody-Hittle

January 28, 2014


Jody Hittle, RN, of Milford, passed the certification examination known as CNOR.  As the only accredited credentialing program for perioperative registered nurses, CNOR certification is the gold standard. Earning the CNOR credential is a mark of distinction and a highly sought after personal as well as professional accomplishment. The CNOR credentialing program is for perioperative nurses interested in enhancing as well as validating their specialized knowledge and skills. CNOR certified nurses are committed to providing the highest quality care to their surgical patients.


“I am very proud of her accomplishments,” said Dawn Engel, RN, interim chief nursing officer.  “Jody demonstrates her dedication to quality and excellence in the surgery department. Obtaining her certification confirms her competence and capabilities.”


Specialty nursing certification is an objective measure of knowledge, which validates that a nurse is qualified to provide specialized nursing care. More than 34,250 perioperative nurses currently hold the CNOR credential.


Candidates have 3 hours and 45 minutes to complete the CNOR exam, which has 200 multiple-choice questions. These questions assess a nurses’ proficiency in nine comprehensive perioperative nursing subjects.


Hospitals and institutions around the world support the CNOR program because certified nurses are confident in their skill and knowledgeable of the latest standards of practice and care. CNOR-certified nurses are leaders in the operating room community.


Hittle is the nurse manager of the Geary Community Hospital Surgery Center.