Director: Julie Vines


The Rago Cardiopulmonary Department at Geary Community Hospital offers many services for both in- and outpatient heart and lung patients. While inpatients receive their respiratory treatments in their hospital rooms, outpatients are able to access services by coming to the department. Located on the lower level of Geary Community Hospital, The Rago Cardiopulmonary Department is able to provide EKG’s, EEG’s, Holter Monitors, Cardiac Rehab, and Pulmonary Function. Stress Tests are also provided, but done in a specially designated room on the hospital’s first floor. Patients can also purchase Oxygen and Nebulizer services through GCH’s Home Medical Equipment Store at 1310 W. Ash, across the street from the hospital.

Once an outpatient has received a doctor’s order, he/she should register for services with a registrar on the first floor of the hospital. Please ask the registrar to schedule an appointment for you or call the department at 785-210-3389.