Clinical Student Instructions

Welcome to Geary Community Hospital’s Clinical Student learning experience! You are an important part of the next generation of heath care providers, so you are important to us.

In order to keep our patients, visitors, students, and employees safe, we have implemented a structured student intake process. Because of the many student requests and established rotations, not all student requests will be honored.

The following orientation information MUST be completed by students who participate in clinical experiences at GCH. A password is required to access most of these documents. Contact Christine Jones, Education Coordinator, at 785-210-3345 or for assistance with completing these steps.

  • Clinical Student Information and Requirements
  • Clinical Student Application
  • Clinical Student Orientation [Password Required]
  • Student Confidentiality Agreement [Password Required]
  • Student Responsibility Statement [Password Required]
  • Student Medical Clearance [Password Required]
  • Student IS User Access Request [Password Required]
  • Electronic Signature Agreement [Password Required]
  • Clinical Student Dress Code [Password Required]


    For questions Contact:
    Christine Jones, Education Coordinator
    Fax: 785-210-3420