Rago Radiology

Chief Radiologist: J. Patrick Landes, DO
Director: Pat Small

Rago Radiology, named for the Rago family in 1998, is a progressive and innovative department that offers many services. The Topeka-based group, Radiology and Nuclear Medicine provides Geary Community Hospital with Chief Radiologist, J. Patrick Landes, DO. With cutting edge technology, the Rago Radiology department is able to provide many new services to the community that are not available anywhere else in the state. The first Dilon 6800 Gamma Camera in Kansas, is able to offer Breast-Specific Gamma Imaging, the next step a woman should take after a questionable mammogram. The Dual-Head Nuclear Medicine Camera is an innovative camera that aids in cutting down procedure times and increasing accuracy in the Nuclear Imaging. Geary Community Hospital’s Rago Radiology is also accredited in Mammography.

The following is a list of services provided by the Rago Radiology department: